NeCTAR Research Cloud Support

What is the Research Cloud?

A computing resource for all Australian researchers where they can develop & deploy applications and collaborate in a uniform environment with controlled sharing of data. More details: about the Project (NeCTAR), the technology and the resources on offer.


Latest Updates

NeCTAR Dashboard Access Issue *Resolved*

Thursday 19/11/2014 between 8:30am to 9:01am AEDT users may have experienced an issue with the AAF. 


SA availability zone outage (5/12/2014 2pm - 8/12/2014 8pm ACDT)

This email is to inform you of a scheduled outage in SA Availability Zone of the NeCTAR Research Cloud in early December. DURATION: 3 days 6 hours START TIME: 14:00 ACDT Fri Dec 5th 2014 END TIME: 20:00 ACDT Mon Dec 8th 2014

SA availability zone outage (13/11/2014 2pm - 13/11/2014 10:30pm ACDT)

This is to inform you of an extension to a scheduled outage in SA Availability Zone of the NeCTAR Research Cloud.(13/11/2014 2pm - 13/11/2014 10:30pm ACDT)

network interruption in monash zone

Between approximately 8pm to 10pm (EST) on 30/10/14 users may have experienced brief but intermittent connectivity issues to instances in the monash zones of the research cloud.

A planned change to border routing configuration at Monash (specifically to enable routing of research traffic via AARNET4) appeared to hit a bug in the routers. This change has now been backed out pending followup with the vendor. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this interruption.

NeCTAR RC Support notifications now on twitter!

@NeCTAR_RC is now live follow along to recieve updates and outage notifications.

Melbourne NP availability zone 48 hour outage (Nov 25th AEDT 0900)


A 48 hour outage is required to relocate and upgrade the cloud storage infrastructure at the University of Melbourne. Only instances in the melbourne-np availability zone will be affected. The upgrade will bring further stability and increased performance to this availability zone.

SA availability zone outage (28/10/2014 10am - 29/10/2014 5pm ACDT)

We are going to need to extend the SA Cell outage until 5pm ACDT to allow extra time to get the DashNet connection running. The technical team are currently working on routing issues that are the final piece in the migration. Due to a scheduled outage within the South Australian Cell of the NeCTAR Cloud, communication to resources running in SA will be unavailable from 10am, Tuesday, 28 October 2014 until 1pm, Wednesday, 29 October 2014.

monash-01 available following relocation and upgrade

The Monash RC ops team is pleased to advise the monash-01 zone is available for use again following physical hardware relocation and subsequent upgrade performed over the last week. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delayed release.


monash-01 post-upgrade known issues

The following is a list of known issues that the Monash ops team are working to resolve post Trusty/Icehouse upgrade.


NCI Node - current issues from control plane upgrades

NCI was upgrading its Node control plane out of hours on Wednesday, 24th September 2014.


Unfortunately we have hit some issues with this upgrade.   The following issues have been noted and are being worked on:

It is not currently possible to create new virtual machine instances in the NCI NeCTAR node.

Statistics on use of virtual machines and resources such as RAM, VCPUs and storage at the NCI NeCTAR node may not be reliable.