NeCTAR Research Cloud Support

What is the Research Cloud?

A computing resource for all Australian researchers where they can develop & deploy applications and collaborate in a uniform environment with controlled sharing of data. More details: about the Project (NeCTAR), the technology and the resources on offer.


Latest Updates

Pawsey availability zone outage (16:00 16-02-2015 - 16:00 18-02-2015 AWST)

Dear NeCTAR Research Cloud User,

This email is to inform you of a scheduled outage in the Pawsey availability zone of the NeCTAR Research Cloud:

Duration: 48 hours
Start Time: 16:00 AWST Mon Feb 16th 2015
End Time: 16:00 AWST Wed Feb 18th 2015


Network hazard at Melbourne Uni

The 2 data centers that run the core infrastructure for the Research Cloud and the National Servers Program are having work done on some core switches over the next couple of weeks.

We do not expect any noticible outage but there may be intermittent outages during the window.


Noble Park Data Centre

SA outage update

Dear NeCTAR users,

A quick update of SA cell's outage.

SA cell has been brought back this morning, we met a couple of hardware issues after the power outage, which results in a delay. We are still doing the service check and tests to ensure every functionality works as expected.

For the old instances , users need to do a hard reboot

nova reboot --hard your_instance_uuid

network interruption in monash zone

The outage was resolved at approx 1630 AEST yesterday (30/11/2014). Users are encouraged to check connectivity to their instances and report any issues to rc-support. Details of the problem and analysis will follow at a later date. Once again, apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result of this outage.


RC-wide volume attach/detach issues

There is an ongoing issue with volume attach/detach operations across the cloud. Users may experience intermittent failures to attach or detach volumes where the dashboard/APIs report the volume as attached but it is not visible from the instance, users may also observe duplicate attachments (i.e., the same volume listed as attached multiple times to the same instance).

NeCTAR Dashboard Access Issue *Resolved*

Thursday 19/11/2014 between 8:30am to 9:01am AEDT users may have experienced an issue with the AAF. 


SA availability zone outage (5/12/2014 2pm - 8/12/2014 8pm ACDT)

This email is to inform you of a scheduled outage in SA Availability Zone of the NeCTAR Research Cloud in early December. DURATION: 3 days 6 hours START TIME: 14:00 ACDT Fri Dec 5th 2014 END TIME: 20:00 ACDT Mon Dec 8th 2014

SA availability zone outage (13/11/2014 2pm - 13/11/2014 10:30pm ACDT)

This is to inform you of an extension to a scheduled outage in SA Availability Zone of the NeCTAR Research Cloud.(13/11/2014 2pm - 13/11/2014 10:30pm ACDT)

network interruption in monash zone

Between approximately 8pm to 10pm (EST) on 30/10/14 users may have experienced brief but intermittent connectivity issues to instances in the monash zones of the research cloud.

A planned change to border routing configuration at Monash (specifically to enable routing of research traffic via AARNET4) appeared to hit a bug in the routers. This change has now been backed out pending followup with the vendor. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this interruption.

NeCTAR RC Support notifications now on twitter!

@NeCTAR_RC is now live follow along to recieve updates and outage notifications.