NeCTAR Research Cloud Support

What is the Research Cloud?

A computing resource for all Australian researchers where they can develop & deploy applications and collaborate in a uniform environment with controlled sharing of data. More details: about the Project (NeCTAR), the technology and the resources on offer.


Latest Updates

NCI node now live

The NCI NeCTAR node is now live. The node has been architected to deliver end-users a high-performance capability environment in the form of 3200 floating-point optimised CPUs, node-local Solid State Drives, fast 56Gbps intra-node networking, and a dedicated 10 gigabit Ethernet connection to AARNET (Australia's Academic and Research Network).

Scheduled Outage affecting melbourne-qh2 zone

There will be a scheduled outage affecting melbourne-qh2 zone of the NeCTAR Research Cloud on Tue April 29th 2014. The details are as follows:

DURATION: 24 hours
START TIME: 09:00 AEST Tue Apr 29th 2014
END TIME: 09:00 AEST Wed Apr 30th 2014

Issue with instances in the melbourne-qh2 zone

11:15 AEST Thu Apr 10th 2014 : Users may currently be experiencing issues with instances in the melbourne-qh2 zone. Due to an issue with a scheduled upgrade, some instances are in a shutdown state or error state. We have rectified the cause of this issue, and are working to restore users' instances to an active state.

Heat Orchestration now available

The Openstack Orchestration service, known as Heat is now available on the NeCTAR Research Cloud. You will see a new orchestration tab in the dashboard. Heat can be used to automate the deployment and management of instances, applications and even resources like storage. We have created some documentation and some examples on how to use heat to get you going.