NeCTAR Research Cloud Support

What is the Research Cloud?

A computing resource for all Australian researchers where they can develop & deploy applications and collaborate in a uniform environment with controlled sharing of data. More details: about the Project (NeCTAR), the technology and the resources on offer.


Latest Updates

NCI snapshot issue

Due to a miss configuration snapshots of NCI instances are only able to be launched at NCI. We are currently looking into the issue and will move these images into the NeCTAR image repository to enable these to be launched globally.


Object store issue (also affecting images) - Updated


Mon, 21/07/2014 - 2:09pm This isssue is now resolved please contact us if you are still experiencing any issues.


Cinder volumes available in SA -- Beta

The eResearch SA’s block storage service (volumes) is now publicly available in the SA AZ.  The service will be in BETA – we will be performing tests and obtaining user performance feedback for the next 2 weeks to ensure we are providing a robust service. In the interim, we may not be able to prevent any data loss or corruption, however we would appreciate end user assistance to test this service capability.

Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) End of Life reached on May 16 2014

Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) End of Life reached on May 16 2014. The image will no longer receive support including security updates.

Users are highly recommend to use Ubuntu 14.04 which provides support until 2019.

Ubuntu 13.10 end of life is expected in July 2014.  

Volumes now available in NCI availability zone

The NCI’s block storage service (volumes) is now publicly available in the NCI AZ. There is 436TB of storage available that is backed by Ceph. Initial benchmarking indicates 1.6GB/sec write bandwidth and 2GB/sec read bandwidth over a 56Gbps network

Heat Orchestration now available

The Openstack Orchestration service, known as Heat is now available on the NeCTAR Research Cloud. You will see a new orchestration tab in the dashboard. Heat can be used to automate the deployment and management of instances, applications and even resources like storage. We have created some documentation and some examples on how to use heat to get you going.