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Resources Available

The Cloud

The completed cloud will intially have a capacity of approximately 30,000 cores at up to 8 Nodes distributed around Australia.

Sharing it out (allocations)

NeCTAR shares access to the cloud via allocations of time & capacity (CPU cores).

  • All researchers initially (and without application) get 2 CPUs for 3 Months.
    This means you can run 2 Small or 1 Medium instance for three months.
  • Need more time or computing power? Submit an allocation request.
  • Multiple users can share an allocation (known as a Project within the Cloud).

Instances available by size

    • m1.small: 1 core, 4GB RAM, 30GB secondary disk
    • m1.medium: 2 cores, 8GB RAM, 60GB secondary disk
    • m1.large: 4 cores, 16GB RAM, 120GB secondary disk
    • m1.xlarge: 8 cores, 32GB RAM, 240GB secondary disk
    • m1.xxlarge: 16 cores, 64GB RAM, 480GB secondary disk

Individual researchers will initially be allocated 2 small or 1 medium instances by default.
Larger insatances are assigned when requested via an allocation request.

Internet Traffic Quotas (downloads to your instances)