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Image Catalog

We have provided an Image Catalog wiki for our publicly available images.
Default login IDs, packages installed and how to format user-data when launching these images is listed. Images with more complex intructions have their own subpages and possibly an email contact for the publisher/maintainer of the image.

Sources of Images

NeCTAR provides most common Operating Systems as NeCTAR offical images. You can see these in the Dashboard.

Responsibility and Maintenance

You are responsible maintaining any images you create particularly in regard to security updates.

Images created by a Community partner that you use

There are certain software packages widely-used by the research community where it is sensible to have a centrally maintained image for easy deployment. In this case, community partners can volunteer to maintain particular images.

    eg: the University of Melbourne may maintain an Ubuntu Natty Image.

In this case, responsibility for the general security of the image is delegated to the community partner who created it, who will need to maintain the image. However, you also have the ability to impact security, and are also responsible for the impact of any changes you make. You may be willing to share images that you have created and successfully deployed and it is envisioned that a catalog may be maintained for users to select images suited to their needs that are already available within the cloud.

You use an image created by party outside the scope of this cloud

There is a vast array of machine images hosted in the greater Internet, many which could be useful to you. A well-defined security update policy may not be present in the upstream provider, so special care needs to be taken in this case. If you upload a third-party image to the Image Repository, you are responsible for the image's general security. You should conduct a brief assessment (for which assistance can be provided) before uploading the image. In addition, users of the image have greater responsibility than normal to ensure that security best practice is followed, in addition to their regular usage responsibilities.

Create your own Images

If you cannot locate a suitable ready made image, you might try creating your own. This can be an involved process and using a guide is recommended. Creating Images is often accomplished using Ubuntu which comes with some tools pre-installed (in newer distributions) or the tools are easily installed. The process of image creation is evolving and some guides may become dated.