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VFAT filesystem at secondary ephemeral disk /mnt (/dev/vdb)

We have discovered a bug after OpenStack upgrade at compute hypervisors. Newly created VM's secondary ephemeral disk is formatted as VFAT, instead of ext3.


Affected AZs: NCI (Resolved at NCI at 11:45 am), QRIScloud (Resovled in QRIScloud at 11:45 am)

Affected VMs: VMs created after 16th Sept 2015 at QRIScloud and after 17th Sept 2015 at NCI

This issue does not affect other AZs and VMs created earlier than 16th Sept 


To check if your VM is affected, type "sudo mount" in terminal

Example of an affected disk

/dev/vdb on /mnt type vfat (rw,_netdev)



Users can format the secondary ephemeral disk as ext3 or other filesystem.

For example:

sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/vdb

Please ensure that you have backup the data(if there is) and unmounted /mnt before you re-format the disk.

If you need any assistance, please contact RC Support at support[at]